Sharif Al-Hadidi

Frontend Developer

Hello everyone, My name is Sharif Al-Hadidi. I am frontend developer with full stack experience located in New York. I started designing and developing sites and applications over 3 years ago. I love to explore designs and how people interact with it. I design and develop sites and applications with a focus on clean meaningful layouts.

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Professional Skills

Adobe Photoshop

Personal Skills

Team Work

Work Experience

Lead Developer @ChangeMakrs

August-December 2015

Maintaining and building out new features for the Rails application, also improving test coverage across new and existing functionality.

Developer In Residence @General Assembly

Dec 2013-April 2014

Assisting instructor and students for Front-End Web Development course resulting in students learning fundamentals of front-end development.

Frontend Engineer @MomentDeals

May-December 2014

Work with the founders and other team member to build out the core functionality of our application while also mentoring junior developer and performing code reviews. Building out a product from the ground up using Angular.js while also working closely with designers to improve the look and feel of the end product.

Web UI Developer @eGain

June 2014-April 2015

Project Lead on multiple projects responsible for implementing designs and customizations to the existing applications using HTML, JavaScript, CSS and building out new features to give each Client a product that suits their feel. Worked as project lead - managed eight developers creating information center tools. Created a jQuery library for improved performance and responsive layout. Working with the product team to maintain existing production code in the field while developing and delivering enhancements to existing clients and products to the new clients.

Frontend Engineer @Clorox

May-August 2015

Designing software applications using HTML, JavaScript, CSS and working with PHP. Prototyping new product features, to be incorporated across a wide range of Clorox products. Built Fantasy Football Promotional Site, Coupon Manager, and Image Picker tool.

Freelance Development @Sharif Hadidi Consulting

August 2013-Present

Through my freelance work I have had a variety of opportunities to create and develop new and interesting applications, while also improving my skills as both a designer as well as a developer. Projects have ranged from simple static site creation, applicaiton design consulting, to creations of completely custom applications.


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    Minimal Design

    Having a deep facination with design, I have been diving deeper and deeper trying to improve my skills.

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    Photobooth application created for a client in San Francisco which allows for seamless integration with the cloud.

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    Photography has been a passion of mine since a very young age, but through technology we are able to share a scene in an instant.

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    Company Work

    Over the years I have worked for a variety of companies constantly pushing myself to excel in any enviornment.

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    Side Projects

    I have created several side projects covering topics I am very passionate about.

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    Responsive Design

    With the move to mobile, all projects should not only function but look good while doing so. That is why I make sure to create fully responsive designs for all projects.

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    I have worked with companies, helping them figure out how to create the most engaging and enjoyable experience for their customers.

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    Minimal Design

    I love creating applications with minimalistic design, creating clean and easy to understand interfaces.


Bachelors Of Arts @Oakland University

Political Science, May 2011

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Web Development Immersive @General Assembly

11 Jan 2015

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