Sharif Hadidi

grade Design

I will work with you to create the best design for your site or application. Through the design process, we will look at what is important, what feel you would like project to have, as well as target audience. I will use my extensive experience to work with you insuring the best possible end result.

settings Develop

I can work with you after going through the design phase, or implementing exisiting designs. In this step I will work on ensuring that the tools and technology behind your project are all the latest and greatest.

smartphone Mobile-First

I can create applications that are either mobile-first or fully responsive. Giving your customers and users the ability to view your site on the go, and at home.

code Customizable

All aspects of the final product are completely customizable and limited only by your imagination. The process will allow for you to alter, add, and remove sections and features from your project. Utilizing different resources to give you the final end result.

My Services

What I can offer my customers.



Working with you to create the perfect site or application that gets across to your clients and customers.



Implement designs created by me, or an outside party using a variety of different technologies to give give you the best end product.



At this step in the process, we will go over the project page by page, feature by feature ensuring that everything is exactly the way you want it.

Customer's Words

What my customers are saying about me

Youssif Abdulhamid

I would absolutely recommend Sharif Al-Hadidi. He has a real eye for design and provides very direct feedback with not just what needs to be improved, but also how to improve it. He worked with my company as a consultant for our mobile app UX and really challenged our approach and thinking that has left a lasting impact to how we approach designing our site and apps to this day. His passion is also unparalleled; when you get Sharif on your side, you get a true product evangelist who will advocate and promote your company externally.

Devin Wilson
"Made it Easy..."

The HYOPTHEkids website was in need of a complete overhaul and we're so glad to have had the opportunity to work with Sharif. Sharif made it easy to communicate what we were looking for and constantly checked in to make sure the website was what we wanted. We're so pleased with the outcome.

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My Services

A few of the services I offer my customers.


Hi-end Design











Projects I have Worked On

Project I have created for past clients and employers


Kingsford Fantasy Football Contest


Complete site redesign, including added features.


As a Web UI Developer I worked on redesigning our application before it reached our clients users.


Redesign and implementation.

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Work in Progress

Projects I have been working on but have not completed.

Road Trip Escape
Web Application

A Road Trip Planner, features need to be added along with a redesign.

Mobile-first Application

Think Tinder but for animals in shelters, API used is down.

Rochester Gastroenterology Associates
Static Site

Working on site redesign for a Physician Practice in Michigan.

Bohemian Rabbit

Redesign of the site, and relaunch under a new name.

Featured Projects

Some of my recent and favorite Projects

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Contact Me

Please email with any questions you may have, or if you would like for me to assist you with a project you have.