1. Security Issues in Apps Using the Signal Protocol

Many apps, such as Whatsapp or Wire, create a security gap when one participant of a conversation uninstalls and reinstalls the application.

A message sent in that moment might be sent unencrypted.

2. Issues with Snapchat Encryption

Often sensitive material is shared via Snapchat.

But Snapchat uses the same key to encrypt every message sent via the application.

Individual asymmetric key pairs are needed to ensure nobody can hack the software package and retrieve Snapchat’s general key.

3. Our amazing new app:

Provides complete transparency around where data might possibly not be encrypted.

Asks before resending message after installation

Uses Signal protocol

Provides Snapchat features in encrypted manner:

Sharing images & videos storable for up to 24h

Fully Encrypted Live videos

4. Blocking Notification

The message is blocked if the App detects a change in the receiving user’s key. Thereafter, the users have to manually verify their security codes once more.

5. Verify Your Security Code

Construction of a QR code for quick comparisons. Asks for user approval to verify codes manually, unlike WhatsApp.

6. End-to-End Encrypted Messaging

7. Re-send Notification

Once the receive user has reinstalled the app, the sending user will be asked to resend the message or send a new message.