Full Service Planning /Design /Development

I work with you directly in order to provide the greatest experience and end product result. My services range from Product Management, Design, Development, and business development. Providing a full fledged applications with 100% satisfaction garunteed.


Creating unique enjoyable and interactive experiences that repackage and reinvision the problem.


Creating & collaborating on designs that put your vision into a visual representation.

User Focused

I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don't intend to waste any of theirs or mine.

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Explore & Collect Information

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Design & Mockup From Scratch

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Develop & Responsive Code

Dedication & Commitment

My focus has been to understand what people would intuitively do at any given time. Focusing on the users want from any given page or screen. Understanding the feelings behind these motivations leads to the best possible products.

I would absolutely recommend Sharif Al-Hadidi. He has a real eye for design and provides very direct feedback with not just what needs to be improved, but also how to improve it. He worked with my company as a consultant for our mobile app UX and really challenged our approach and thinking that has left a lasting impact to how we approach designing our site and apps to this day. His passion is also unparalleled; when you get Sharif on your side, you get a true product evangelist who will advocate and promote your company externally.

Youssif Abdulhamid

The HYOPTHEkids website was in need of a complete overhaul and we're so glad to have had the opportunity to work with Sharif. Sharif made it easy to communicate what we were looking for and constantly checked in to make sure the website was what we wanted. We're so pleased with the outcome.

Devin Wilson

Sharif worked on several customer-research projects and again, I was impressed by his ability to work with diverse colleagues and surface the best ideas. He showed respect for the most outlandish ideas and took risks on what he thought customers may like. What this resulted in was interesting discoveries on the nature of customers that are interested in our product. Sharif led us to question the narrow lens we viewed our customers. This risk-taking characteristic is a strong asset to any organization.

Zain Allarakhia

Sharif Hadidi